It started with a snakeskin bracelet...

Posted on 20 October 2015


About 5 years ago I was on yet another business trip to Vancouver when the urge for some cross-border retail therapy appeared. With a couple of extra days booked into my trip I decided to rent a car and head for Seattle. As a native Canadian who grew up near the US, crossing the border to shop was always a welcome adventure! Near the end of an expensive couple of days in the city I was wandering through a mall when a gorgeous gold cuff bracelet caught my eye - in a shoe store of all places. I instantly fell in love with it but I left the shop empty handed because I felt too guilty to spend any more money! Well needless to say when I arrived back home to Ireland I kept thinking about the damn bracelet - it became the 'one that got away' and I was determined to get it. The designer was Leighelena from Austin Texas and when I couldn't find a retailer anywhere in Europe I contacted them directly.

Well of course I got the bracelet in the end I still treasure it to this day; it's one of those pieces that people always comment on and ask where it's from. Finding that bracelet became the inspiration for sixforgold. I knew back then that jewellery was my passion and someday I'd leave software behind to spend my time travelling to find beautiful things and meet with incredible designers... And so it begins…

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